Rigon Headwear - Our Story

Specialising in quality sun protection, fashion and designer hats for the whole family







Rigon Headwear was started in 1974 and still remains a 100% Australian owned and family operated business.  With over 50 years millinery experience, Rigon Headwear is Australia’s leading hat company, supplying pharmacies, high end boutiques, local councils, schools, Myer stores and Cancer Council stores across Australia, as well many distributors across the globe—in short, we know a lot about hats!

Hats are considered the new way to make a fashion statement and we have a style that will provide a perfect fit for every head.

Our BeforeDark luxe collection is designer headwear for the discerning fashionista.  Styles are crafted from the highest grade raffia and other natural materials, sourced from far and remote places, such as, the island of Madagascar.  Our styles are constantly featured in Australian fashion magazines and used on fashion runways to support new fashion collections, like the recent launch of Milea (Seafolly) to David Jones elite customers.

We have been a key supplier to Cancer Council stores nationwide for many years and now supply ‘own branding’ to their hat range.  We take the issue of sun-safety very seriously and our huge range of UPF50+ hats has been strictly tested by ARPANSA to gain the highest Australian rating.

Christine Headwear

Specialising in stylish headwear solutions for cancer sufferers


Rigon Headwear is also the exclusive Australian distributor for Christine
Headwear, a Danish designed collection of high end headscarves and turbans
which are a niche product specifically designed for ladies who lose their hair
due to cancer treatment and alopecia.


Our head office is located in West Gosford on the beautiful NSW Central Coast.
Our Christine customers are welcome to visit our office as we have a
showroom and fitting room set up for ladies to try on the headscarves. We
have a team of sales agents and representatives who travel throughout
Australia and Distributors located world wide and if you are interested in
stocking our wide range of hats or Christine headscarves, please contact our
customer service team today.


Our hat designs are also in high demand overseas and we have many overseas
distributors.  If you would like to become an overseas distributor please email
us for more information, outlining the nature of your business.

What makes Rigon Headwear a market leader?

One size does NOT fit all

One size does NOT fit all and we recognise this by incorporating our exclusive design feature of a drawstring  or velcro adjustment or elasticated ‘comfy fit’ to ensure the perfect fit for every head.

The most comprehensive range of UPF50+ sun protection hats

Rigon is proud to be the market leader in providing the most comprehensive range of UPF50+ sun protection hats, now available throughout all Cancer Council stores across Australia.

A dedicated Cancer Council range

We also have a dedicated Cancer Council (own brand) range (comprising mens, womens and childrens hats) that are available throughout Cancer Council stores across Australia and via our own network of wholesale customers.

An authentic an original range of ‘wash and wear’ hats

Rigon Headwear designs and manufacturers an authentic and original range of ‘wash and wear’ polyester hats which consistantly outperform any other hat for endurance, longevity and maximum sun protection.

Recommended by Skin and Cancer Foundation of Australia

Our UPF50+ range is recommended by Skin and Cancer Foundation of Australia and a small selection of hats are available for purchase via their online website: www.skin.com.au.

Travel Hats

Our range of travel hats are made from fabrics that are squashable and crushable – perfect to fold in your suitcase.

H2O friendly visors and sunhats

Our range of lycra visors and sunhats are H2O friendly – perfect for resort wear and are resistant to colour fading and exposure to pool chemicals.

Men's hats

Men’s hats are stylish in design and our signature ‘cool comfort mens’ hat’ has been specially crafted from a braid that is light weight and allows cooling airflow.

We supply local councils and lifestyle outlets

We supply local councils and lifestyle outlets with our range of stylish, hardworking UPF50+ hats that perform on endurance and a high level of sun protection.

Stylish collection of designer headwear

Rigon has designed a hat for Princess Mary of Denmark and our BeforeDark Luxe Range is a stylish collection of designer headwear that is constantly featured in many Australian fashion magazines.

Our revolutionary ‘Solabrella’

Our revolutionary ‘Solabrella’ is a beach/grass umbrella providing up to 5 times more coverage than a conventional beach umbrella.

Rigon Headwear supports fair trade initiatives

Rigon Headwear supports fair trade initiatives and uses only ethical manufacturers that care for their employees’ safety and well being.

International designers and manufacturers of fashion headwear

Contact us for distributor opportunities around the world

Rigon Headwear has been designing, manufacturing and retailing fashion head wear since 1959. Our ranges are successful throughout Australia, America and more recently in South Africa and Europe. Our designs are created for international fashion by our team of Danish and Australian designers and our extensive knowledge of head wear fashion, fabrics, accessories and manufacturing techniques enables us to produce successful styles year after year, recommended by the Cancer Council of Australia and the Skin & Cancer Foundation of Australia.

We are the leading Australian designers and manufacturers of headwear providing UPF 50+ protection.  Australia’s climate of sunshine and exposure to skin cancer has made it essential that we develop our expertise in sun protection.  Our knowledge of fashion retailing helps us to design head wear that makes retailing easy and profitable.  All of our head wear is manufactured to consistent quality.

Designing headwear to complete your fashion stories..

Rigon Headwear can design a head wear range to expand and strengthen your fashion story. We can create headwear to compliment your summer and winter fashion stories and match your color palette, fabric selection and accessories to help you create an outstanding fashion story. Your retailers will have more to sell, display and promote and we can help you produce samples for your sales agents, fashion shows and advertising campaigns. In fact, we have even designed hats for celebrities and Royalty!

Selecting headwear to complete your fashion stories..

We can also show you our extensive range of fashion headwear. These are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics including our innovative children range.