Hat sizing - find your perfect fit

At Rigon Headwear, our design team have year’s of industry knowledge of what makes a perfect hat.  Not only looking good, the fit and comfort factor is paramount to designing a perfect work of art.

These 2 design features are hallmark components of our Rigon designs to ensure that our hats fit perfectly every time.

Signature Adjustment Style

Signature Velcro Adjustment
Velcro adjustment is located at the back of the hat (inside rim) so the hat can be sized down perfectly.  This adjustment will also help the hat stay on in windy conditions as it can pull down at the back of your neck as extra security.

Drawstring Size Adjustment
The drawstring style of adjustment is another solution to ensuring the hat is a perfect fit for everybody. Simply tie to the correct size of the head.

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” ~ Coco Chanel