HOC Shakti Turban Printed - Swan Lake

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A sophisticated and comfortable turban solution that’s easy to style and fit. The Swan Lake print is this season’s most elegant print.  On the cream-coloured turbans, you’ll just slightly see a light beige stripe forming the base for the sleek dark grey swans, flying in neatly arranged rows.

The Shakti headpiece has a classic turban base with a semi-attached headband that can easily be styled in different ways. By twisting the band, you can create a nice volume and a beautiful modern look. The headband is solid colour on the one side and printed on the other side.    

  •  Turban with semi-attached headband
  •  Easy to fit and style
  •  Caretech® Bamboo quality

95% Bamboo Viscose 5% Spandex  (Caretech® Bamboo )