VIVA Luna Turban - Warm Block Colours

7531-Warm Block Colours

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VIVA Luna Turban - Warm Block Colours

The turban is so versatile and vibrant and makes the perfect confidence headwear statement for the woman wearing it. It is constructed like the Boho Scarlett turban with a slightly baggy effect and small stitched assemblies at the front. This gives a layered effect around the back of the head, which leads to the perfect amount of volume.

Please note, the fabric cutting on this style will vary, so you will get a unique colour combination on each turban. You’ll find the turban has slightly more fabric to enable you to bring forward the colour you prefer to wear against the face.

By pinching the fabric at the front and leading it forward gently, Luna will get a tighter fitting look. The fabric is movable, so if you prefer the lilac r the blue to be the first colour against the forehead, just lead the fabric forward or layer it to get the preferred colour.

100% Polyester
Lining: 47.5% cotton / 47.5% viscose / 5% Spandex

  • Multi coloured turban
  • Easy to style
  • Unique colour combination on each turban 


Wash Christine Headwear at 30 Degrees Celcius Do not bleach Christine Headwear Do not Dry Clean Christine Headwear Do not Tumble Dry Christine Headwear Do not Iron Christine Headwear