What kind of headwear should I choose if suffering from hair loss?

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Wig or scarf?

In case of hair loss or baldness most women have to make a choice between alternative headwear. The scalp is sensitive and needs protection from both heat and cold, and especially against harmful radiation from the sun.

Many immediately think of a wig as the only solution. And many think of a scarf as a somewhat dull triangular piece of fabric that always slips off. But it doesn't have to be like that!


A good alternative to a wig

A wig is an excellent type of headwear if you want the feeling of having a full head of hair and of looking as "normal" as possible. Or if you just don't feel up to answering questions, for instance when you go out. In this case it is important to choose a wig that looks really natural, has the right colours and is comfortable to wear. Professional guidance is a must when choosing a wig.

But you can't wear a wig day and night. It is too hot for your scalp, which is sensitive as it is, and if you wear the wig a lot it will soon look worn. That is why the fashionable scarves, stylish hats or caps from Christine Headwear are excellent supplements or alternatives to a wig. The Christine products ensure a firm fit - in fact they are so comfortable that you can't feel you have them on.

Our wide product range offers headwear for all occasions. You can change your look and create a personal style depending on the headwear you choose. Besides, by changing between a wig and a different type of headwear you prolong the life of your wig.



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