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Hair loss may be the result of diseases, hormonal changes or may be caused by critical illness and the subsequent treatment. A lot of our identity lies in our hair, and when women suffer from serious disease, and the treatment causes them to lose their hair, they fight not only to survive, but also to maintain a feeling of normality, femininity and dignity.

The Christine Collection is a range of Danish designed fashion forward headwear. Our goal is to provide women with a real choice in hair coverings and the opportunity to feel beautiful during a difficult time by offering high-quality headwear for any occasion and need.

It is important to us that women find inspiration in our products and that they feel comfortable, fashionable and confident when wearing them. Our modern headwear designs focus on versatility, trends and fitting. All Christine Headwear hair covering styles are tailored to provide volume and fullness to a head without hair and to create a secure and comfortable fit as well as a graceful silhouette.

Rigon Headwear is the Australian supplier of the Danish Designed Christine Headwear collection of stylish and practical head coverings are manufactured from natural materials including soft silk, finest cotton and bamboo blends which allow sensitive skin to breathe. Christine headscarves and turbans are fully lined and seam free to avoid irritation to delicate scalps and are a fresh, stylish and comfortable alternative to a wig, whilst hair loss turbans are a easy and colorful solution to ladies suffering the effects of chemotherapy, alopecia and other related hair loss treatments.

The Christine Collection is not only limited to women suffering hair loss through health, these beautiful scarves make a fantastic fashion accessory. We have a fashionable range of headwear styles includes fitted scarves, hats, turbans, sleep caps, headbands and sun wear, which reflect this seasons color trends. 

The Christine Collection is designed without irritating seams and a soft bamboo lining. Our wig liners are completely seamless for extra comfort. Furthermore, all Christine Headwear products are CE Labelled; classified as medical devices according to EU Directive (93/42/EEC) concerning medical devices.

About Bamboo About Linen About Cotton About Silk
The Bamboo collection perfect for everyday. Bamboo is soft and naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. Bamboo turbans can be worn all year round. Perfect for cool or warm days. The Linen collection is a smart and stylish choice this season. The natural linen fabric is comfortable, lightweight and breathable keeping you cool and fresh during use, making it the perfect headwear choice for cool or warm days. The Cotton collection is versatile for everyday wear, as it is hypoallergenic, weatherproof and durable. Cotton is uber comfortable as it has the ability to control moisture and insulate to provide comfort throughout the day; especially for those with an active lifestyle. The Silk collection creates a Luxe feel, especially for a special occasion. A natural fabric which is comfortable, lightweight and breathable keeping you cool and fresh during use, making it the perfect headwear choice for cool or warm evenings.

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