HOC Tula Turban - Graphic Pearl

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The Tula Turban is a beautiful model with many smart details and fantastic features. The turban base is smooth and without any layers, so it will be easy to put on.

A smart headband is attached to the base and adds just the right volume around the head. The headband can be twisted slightly at the front or used flat around the base. The turban has a smart headwear ponytail-like detail at the back that adds further volume to the piece.

A beautiful mix of printed and solid black fabric - twisted so it makes a beautiful detailed look at the back. The short tail is approx. 10 cm and the longer approx. 14 cm. It is an absolutely stunning and fashionable headwear piece and will be a fantastic comfort for those seeking the ‘hair’ sensation around the neck. 

Although Tula comes with a lot of fantastic features you need not do anything to it, just put it on and it will look amazing.

  • 95% Bamboo Caretech® | 5% Spandex
  • Turban with attached headband and ponytail look
  • Beautiful details
  • Easy to fit and style

    Click here to see how to wear a hairloss turban.