VIVA Zoya Turban - Pigeon Blue


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VIVA Zoya Turban - Pigeon Blue

Denim is always a good idea, and this dove blue Zoya design is the perfect addition to both a denim outfit, a tone-in-tone earthy coloured set or even a multi-floral dress or shirt.

The single coloured design is so likable and is destined to be an autumn favourite. The fabric on this model has a cross stitched-looking pattern and is made with a dove blue base and a light beige headband.

We’ve added a small fashion detail to the headband by giving it rough visible seams. The visible seams will be a big trend this autumn, so we’ve of course added it to this super cool turban too.

47.5% Cotton  |  47.5% Viscose  |  5% Spandex

  • Soft cotton and viscose fabric
  • Hand-wash in cold water, lay flat to dry, do not tumble dry
  • Wear year round for active sports, casual day and night.

Click here to see how you can interchange headband and turban.

Wash Christine Headwear at 30 Degrees Celcius Do not bleach Christine Headwear Do not Dry Clean Christine Headwear Do not Tumble Dry Christine Headwear Do not Iron Christine Headwear

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